Oct 15

Make Money From Home In South Africa

Business Opportunity Working From Home

Find a great opportunity to grow an online opportunity both locally and internationally. Flexkom is a “home based business opportunity in Africa” that can earn you passive income for life. With many ways to earn income without selling a product Flexkom offers a compensation plan that is different to other MLM opportunities.

What is Flexkom?

Flexkom is the opportunity with a difference. It combines all the lastest trends on the internet, direct sales, franchising and network marketing. It is possible to do one or all depending on HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WANT TO MAKE.

How many people shop online? How many people use their mobile phones? Do you make money from sharing apps? These are all ways to make money from the Flexkom Opportunity. Flexkom partners are not required to do the shopping however give away the free loyalty card or app and get paid for life everytime that persons buys a product or service online or at a local Flexkom merchant.

People in South Africa are looking for new opportunities to make money from home. Finding an honest review on a company can be difficult. The will always be someone claiming it is a scam or it won’t work. The fact is 80% of the world population will always find a fault why something will not work.

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There are many countries in the development stages in Africa and you can earn lots of money when you join Flexkom and become a global partner. Timing is important and you can earn $50,000.00 monthly. Become your own boss when you purchase a franchise licence. The are several ways to earn commissions from the compensation plan, team bonus, car bonus, country bonus, fast start bonus and more.

Oct 15

Google Sniper Review – It Really Works!

Google Sniper System

Product Name: Google Sniper 2.0 george brown google sniper 2.0

Product Owner: George Brown

Advertised Price: USD $47.00

What’s they’re selling:

A complete step by step training with videos teaching persons how to make money online. Instructions on how to build a small money making website, get it indexed in the search engines, drive traffic and dominate the first pages. How you get a sniper website, guru email list and market products to your customers.

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Main Focus Review:

Tried and tested, updated step by step, video based system to make money online, with instruction on finding niches that will earn you money.

What is Google Sniper 2.0 Review:

Google Sniper – the original was a success and the changes made by Google lead to the new and improved Google Sniper 2.0. The course is 104 pages of detailed information that covers the main elements of how to set up a system to make money online. George gives some of his secrets and with the text there are videos to further explain what we read.

The videos show exactly what do to find products, get profitable keywords, cloak affiliate links, get back links and more. Please do not panic you will be able to follow the information and understand the terms. George keeps it simple and shares tips that make a difference for all levels of online marketers.

The videos are very good and backs up the text. George Brown explains and demonstrates how easy it is done for each chapter. The instructions are easy to understand, and teach the right methods for marketing online.

The key to making your first dollar is explained so the beginner can understand. It is impossible to make a million if you never learn how to make your first dollar. Once you learn how to put the correctly steps in place it will become easy. Repeating the process will always bring continued success.


The Google Sniper 2.0 system is for all level of online marketers. The cost of $47.00 is money well spent and can earn you money for a lifetime. Many mistakes are made in the begining when you start wanting to make money online. Building the right foundation is a must to be successful online.

George shares the good and the bad ways to marketing online and ensures that you understand the risk if you choose the other way. He focuses on building content rich niche websites that are easy to make and get results in a short time.

If you are serious and tired of the scams and get rich schemes then this is the product for you. There are other products around but there is to much fluff and you will pay more. It must be said that it will take time to cover all the material. However it will work for anyone that takes the time you learn how to make Google Sniper 2.0 work for them.