Sisel International Opportunity Review

Looking to join Sisel International? This is a Sisel International Opportunity Review. It will help you decide if it is a legitimate work from home opportunity? The Sisel International review will discuss:

  • What is Sisel International
  • The Sisel International Compensation Plan
  • What are the Sisel International Products
  • How to join the Sisel International Opportunity
  • What is the Sisel International Opportunity review
  • The cost to join Sisel International
  • How to recruit for your Sisel International Opportunity

Sisel International Opportunity Review

What is Sisel International?

sisel international opportunity review

Sisel International is a network marketing company. Thomas Mower and Thomas Mower Jr are the founders of the company. Thomas Mower established Sisel International in 2006 after leaving Neways. Sarnen, Switzerland is the base for Sisel International.

What Are The Sisel International Products?

sisel international products review

Sisel International retails a range of products including:

  • Age reversal
  • Weight loss
  • Dietary supplement
  • Joint care
  • Skin care
  • Bath and Body
  • Dental care
  • Aromatherapy
  • Nail care
  • Home care
  • Sisel apparel and goods

Forever Living Products, Amway, Trivita and Symmetry are all “Health and Wellness Opportunities”. Similar in products but very different in quality as stated in the Sisel product policy:

“We strive to avoid potentially harmful ingredients found in common, off-the-shelf products. In addition use only the most pure, potent, safe, and effective ingredients nature has to offer”.

Sisel International Compensation Plan Review

The more popular term is MLM (Multi- Level Marketing). Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated in multiple ways. In addition to sales they generate, and also for the sales of other salespeople that they recruit. This recruited sales force is referred to as the participant’s “downline”, and can provide multiple levels of compensation.

Trying to understand the Sisel International Compensation Plan is a task. Simply there are many ways to make money. Another important fact for Sisel international Distributors is they make money from sales and recruiting.

Sisel includes four membership ranks within their compensation plan:
Bronze – 50 PV per month
Silver – 100 PV per month
Gold – 150 PV per month
Platinum – 200 PV per month

Please note that PV stands for personal volume, which relates to your sales. Sisel also includes an additional volume qualifier, referred to as Bonus Volume (BV), which only adds to the confusion within their compensation plan.

Direct Distributor Commission

Sisel members can earn a Direct Distributor Commission on the initial 100 BV generated by members they’ve recruited. Commissions are paid out as a percentage based off the first 100 BV that your affiliate Direct Distributors make.

Each new affiliate enrolled in Sisel is placed directly beneath you. The more Direct Distributor legs you have, the higher commission percentages are paid out.

Level 1 – Bronze 2.5%, Silver 3%, Gold 4%, and Platinum 5%
Levels 2 through 6 – Bronze 5%, Silver 8%, Gold 9% and Platinum 10%
Levels 6 through 8 – Bronze 2.5%, Silver 3%, Gold 4% and Platinum 5%
Level 9 – Bronze 0%, Silver 0%, Gold 1% and Platinum 2%

The level you get paid relies on the amount of Direct Distributors you’ve personally recruited.

Sisel Master Distributor Commission

The first 100 BV is covered by the Direct Distributor Commission, with the rest of the BV covered by Master Distribution Commission. Instead of paying out per level, the Master Distributor Commission is paid on “generations.”

Fast Start Bonus

A 30% Commission on the BV amount of a newly recruited member is paid out, with 3% going to Level 2 – 5, and Level 6 and 7 receiving 4%. A sum of 10% is subtracted from the remaining amount and placed in a Fast Start Bonus pool, which is paid out to qualifying members.

Car Bonus

When members recruit three Master Distributors they qualify for the Sisel Car Bonus. In addition the member must earn a minimum of $2,000 in the qualifying period.

How to join the Sisel International Opportunity

Sisel International uses a referral system to grow is distributors. As a MLM company growing a downline important. The Sisel International Business Package cost USD $325.00. Included is the package are six flagship products. These may include:

  1. A.G.E pill (anti- aging)
  2. TS-X (anti-aging)
  3. Fire (weight loss)
  4. Ript (muscle builder)
  5. Supra Detox (cleansing)
  6. 4 Restore (immune)

How To Recruit for your Sisel International Opportunity Review

Network marketing success is dependent on recruiting and sales. Learning how to market online and offline will help you succeed. It must allow the distributor to sell products online and offline. International distributors will help grow your Sisel International business.

Keyword research, blogging, search engine optimization and product knowledge are tools needed to recruit and grow your business. Send me an email for more information on these tools –

Conclusion on Sisel International Opportunity Review

Amway, Mary Kay, Symmetry and Forever Living are all MLM companies. Theses companies are not scams, they sell real products. Sisel International a viable health and wellness opportunity and is not a scam. These companies pay commissions for sales and referrals. Therefor working hard on sales and recruiting will earn you some serious commissions.

It is important to know the products of Sisel International. Try a product of interest. Knowledge of products will provide a good a testimony. People like doing business with someone they know, like and trust. This will gain trust with prospects making it easier to transition from user to distributor.

At USD $325.00 to join and a monthly auto-ship of USD 50.00 you should have a passion for health and wellness.  Sisel International Product Reviews show that these products are natural and works. With millions of illnesses and lifestyles diseases health and wellness is a great niche.

Public and private jobs are the norm. Network marketing jobs are very lucrative. Commissions (salary) are unlimited and tied to your effort and down-line. In the end it is a personal choice to join any business opportunity. Sisel International is a good opportunity.

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